Chess Journal

The companion app for club and tournament players.


Dear ChessJournal fans,

Almost two years ago we set out to create a solution for over-the-board chess players to record and analyse their games - we succeeded! However, after two major versions we've decided to stop development and retire ChessJournal.

We are really pleased with what we achieved and we've learnt a lot from our most devoted users, but sadly after several hard conversations we don't feel ChessJournal can continue. This comes down to a number of factors that we would like to share with you:

What this means for the future is that ChessJournal will eventually stop working. Don't fear though, we want to give all of our users time to export their games so we will keep the cloud data services online until December 2018 - or for as long as we can, whichever comes first. As we have no means of releasing updates for the app, we suggest you export all of your games as soon as possible to avoid any changes to devices or cloud platforms preventing you from using the app. If you have any question please contact

As a parting gift, anyone who has purchased ChessJournal Premium in the past has had their Premium Pass extended to December 2018. We would like to thank all ChessJournal fans for their feedback and for using ChessJournal. It's been fun.

The ChessJournal team.